These products offer the following major benefits to the user:

  • Multiple coats of paint removed with only one application.
  • Safer work site while paint removal is being carried out.
  • No damage to the substrate, surrounding vegetation or water systems near the site.
  • No need for extensive and elaborate containment systems.
  • Product works without supervision and workers can do other revenue producing work while the stripper completes the job.
  • Significant reduction in costs, reduced downtime, lower volume of chemical consumed and ease of clean-up.

Auto Restore

Blast Boss is the best way to start a restoration project. How can you give an accurate estimate of a restoration until all of the paint is gone? Rust can be lurking under good looking paint. It may come back to destroy your new paint job.

The samplings show above are of some auto parts recently ‘blasted’!


Marine & Small Craft

After (Blasted with Soda 70 PSI)

The refurbishment of marine vessels presents several challenges:

  • Many specialty and high performance coatings are used in the shipbuilding industry, which are difficult to remove with the use of conventional chemical strippers.
  • The paint is often very thick in multiple layers, which is difficult to remove.
  • Projects are often located in environmentally sensitive areas making it necessary to build elaborate containment structures for dust, odor and airborne particles and waterborne waste.
  • The interiors of ships’ storage tanks and ballast tanks have intricate shapes and hard-to-reach places, where abrasive blasting becomes difficult and expensive.
  • Down time for a ship is very expensive and quick turn-around times are essential.

Log Homes


When it comes to a restoration project in wood trust Blast Boss.

Wood Siding, Log, Timber Frame, Board
Decks, Docks, and more…
Environmentally friendly! Non-destructive! Safe on windows!

Blast Boss guarantees the results and guarantees our service.

  • Failure of a stain or coating can be caused by several reasons which almost always are a result of poor surface adhesion.
  • Surface adhesion can be improved by proper surface preparation.
  • Wood is porous.- This means that stain must penetrate and not lay on the surface. Mill scale or planer compression on new wood will cause the stain to float or run off without absorption.
  • Wood is an organic cell structure.- Therefore it must breath and be protected. Moisture from within must be allowed to escape
  • Wood expands and contracts.- Wood will expand and contract with heating cooling cycle of the seasons. From direct freezing to very hot, the coating must be flexible!
  • Wood will deteriorate or decompose if left unattended. Ultraviolet and water born organics will expedite the decomposition process. Protection from the elements is essential to ensure the maximum return on stain investment.
  • Abrasive Blast – opens grain, removes mill scale and planer compression exposing the true grain of the wood.
  • Water Blast – Directly following the cob blast Blast Boss will wash all residue and decayed materials away.
  • Restore or Brighten – In very rare cases it may be necessary to apply a wood restorer to the project to whiten and brighten the fibers.
  • Grind or Orbit Sand Knots – Knots can be a problem in certain case Blast Boss will grind and open up those tough knots.
  • If you are planning on doing the project yourself, you can. However, do not skip any of these stages. Failure to complete any of these stages may result in redoing the project ahead of schedule or voiding of the warranty. Quotes are free…

Smoke & Fire

Soda-blasting is the ideal tool while performing fire restoration. Days of needless scraping, can be replaced by hours of productive blasting. All the pictures below were taken, after successful blasting with one of our blasting systems. Leading disaster restoration companies use our equipment everyday, call to find out why they choose Blast Boss.



The removal of corrosion and scale from commercial and industrial applications can be time consuming and expensive.

Difficulties can be location of the equipment, and the material the corrosion is affecting.

This cooling tower was corroded and dirty causing over-heating problems. The delicate aluminum was repeatedly cleaned with success.
When Blast Boss was brought on the scene the cooler was running 24 hours per/day at a dangerously high temperature. After our successful cleaning of the cooler it was put back into full operation and production. The renewed cooler was now running only 6 hours per/day with a decrease in operating temperature of over 40 degrees.

Blast Boss utilized its proven “Coatings Removal System” for this cleaning project. Since it is non-abrasive the media chosen was sodium bicarbonate . The delicate aluminum fins were cleaned and restored with no bending or warping.


Our Graffiti removal products are custom formulated; each one for specific graffiti removal needs. When it comes to graffiti removal one size does not fit all. That is why we offer four products, custom formulated for the removal of graffiti from “delicate” surfaces to the most stubborn and most difficult removals on “porous” surfaces and everything in between.

Graffiti Buster is the product of choice for removing graffiti from “porous” surfaces. Graffiti Buster will penetrate deeply into “porous” surfaces, safely and effectively removing the toughest graffiti. Graffiti Buster works well with many surfaces, including: brick, cement, ceramic, concrete, glass, glass glazed tiles, granite, grout, marble, masonry, mortar, natural rocks, paves, porcelain, sandstone, stucco and terrazzo.

On occasion all graffiti removers may leave shadows or outlines of the graffiti. Despite repeated attempts to remove with conventional removers, the shadow remains. MAX is specifically formulated to effectively remove even the most difficult of shadows and ghosts from all types of porous surfaces. Use MAX when nothing else works.

SMOOTH is the product of choice for those “smooth and durable” surfaces where you can remove spray painted graffiti, markers, pens, inks,crayons and shoe polish. SMOOTH can be used on your unfinished wood surfaces such as fences, park benches, plywood, trees, telephone poles, and any other un-coated wood projects. SMOOTH is also the product of choice to use on steel, stainless, aluminum, galvanized, brass, copper, anodized aluminum, glass, glazed tile, ceramic, porcelain, polished stone. You can use smooth on durable painted surfaces such as factory applied baked on paint. SMOOTH may also be used to remove coatings on your durable plastics, such as fiberglass, polyethylene or polypropylene portable toilets or bathroom partitions, and laminated wood. SMOOTH is an all temperature removal system. Smooth has low odor, and is in a gel form for easy application and fast removal.

Rust Removal

8000 is an industrial strength rust remover which can be utilized in the complete removal of all types of rust. Flash rust can literally be wiped off metallic surfaces with the help of a rag soaked in 8000. Deeper rust can be removed by immersing the metallic part in 8000. It is a clear liquid with an inoffensive odor and is non-toxic. Amazingly, surfaces treated with 8000 remain rust free for several weeks.

A major application for 8000 exists in the prevention of rust formation on un-coated steel or iron. Such situations arise where steel is being formed, machined or welded (example: laying of pipe lines) and then left unattended for a few days before painting or coating can be done.

Apply by pouring, spraying, dipping or wiping with a soaked rag. Apply sufficient amount of 8000 to thoroughly saturate the rust being removed. Allow enough time for it to penetrate the rust being removed (usually one to ten minutes). Wipe or spray away the rust and follow up with a rinse of water.
Aluminum Etching: Bare aluminum can be etched in preparation for repainting with 8000. The procedure is exactly the same for rust removal.

  • Automotive Rust Removal
  • Shipping / Watercraft / Boat Rust Removal
  • Aircraft Rust Removal
  • Manufacturing / Industry / Equipment Rust Removal