Rust Removal

8000 is an industrial strength rust remover which can be utilized in the complete removal of all types of rust. Flash rust can literally be wiped off metallic surfaces with the help of a rag soaked in 8000. Deeper rust can be removed by immersing the metallic part in 8000. It is a clear liquid with an inoffensive odor and is non-toxic. Amazingly, surfaces treated with 8000 remain rust free for several weeks.

A major application for 8000 exists in the prevention of rust formation on un-coated steel or iron. Such situations arise where steel is being formed, machined or welded (example: laying of pipe lines) and then left unattended for a few days before painting or coating can be done.

Apply by pouring, spraying, dipping or wiping with a soaked rag. Apply sufficient amount of 8000 to thoroughly saturate the rust being removed. Allow enough time for it to penetrate the rust being removed (usually one to ten minutes). Wipe or spray away the rust and follow up with a rinse of water.
Aluminum Etching: Bare aluminum can be etched in preparation for repainting with 8000. The procedure is exactly the same for rust removal.

  • Automotive Rust Removal
  • Shipping / Watercraft / Boat Rust Removal
  • Aircraft Rust Removal
  • Manufacturing / Industry / Equipment Rust Removal