Blasting Trailers

We have been working on the new Blast Boss rig for some time now, and it’s finally here. When we started building trailers over ten years ago, we were supplying our own crews with equipment. They beat it up, told us what they wanted and our first generation trailer was developed.
The next generation trailer is here and we are again proud to offer something know one else is building.

Trailer pictured is 18 ft with 8 ft stand up box, fully enclosed V-Nose, fully secured and lockable. 1000 lb folding Ramp, with man door and step. E-trac on side walls for securing equipment, inside lights, 4 inside tie downs. 5200 lb axles, 2 5/16 bulldog coupler, rear jacks for stabilizing trailer on job sites. 200 CFM high pressure air compressor, after cooling package, 2.5 CU/FT blaster with all hoses and shutoffs.

1. Choice of compressor size 185 CFM, High Pressure 200 CFM, 375 CFM
2. Upgraded heavy duty torsion axles
3. Upgraded heavy duty tires
4. Upgraded heavy duty frames
5. 2 5/16 Bull Dog Coupler
6. 2.5 CU/FT blaster
7. Tool Boxes for storing and securing equipment, any size available
8. Heavy Duty Boxed aluminum frame..reduces trailer weight by 20%