Custom Trailers

At Blast Boss, everything we build is custom including our trailers. We call our trailers “blast rigs”, because they are built for blasting. Most of our trailers are built with custom tool boxes. We are the only company that offers trailers with the boxes, offering a dry and secure place for your equipment. The boxes are also great for advertising your business when traveling to and from jobs. Our trailers can be ordered with many options, a few of them include:

  • Heavy Duty 6000 or 7000 lb axles
  • 10 ply tires
  • Steel deck
  • Custom tool boxes
  • Sliding box slider
    (the floor slides out of the tool box, with the blaster mounted on it)
  • Surge tanks
  • 185 Sullaire
  • 210 Sullivan Palatek
  • 375 Sullaire
  • Breathing system
  • On the larger trailers, multiple blasters can be run
  • Custom colors for boxes and rims

Take a look at a few of the trailers we have built for other customers. If you see something you like, or would like to discuss some of your own ideas, please feel free to contact us.

Sullivan D210cfm 150psi package – Here we are taking the Sullivan-Palatek 210 cfm, 150 psi to our blast shop for testing. Although we have been selling them for years, we are officially adding them to our blast rig line up. When we got back from the test blasting, the guys got to work fabricating the mount for the cooling system. Unfortunately, we sold the compressor package so quickly we forgot to get pictures. It needed to be on a job in 2 days, so we loaded it up and delivered it on time. We will try and get the customer to send us pictures. Any of our trailers can be built with the Sullivan-Palatek 210, at Blast Boss you have a choice.

(Picture Illustrates Sullaire 185cfm Compressor)
This is a turn-key system with ST1650 blasting package.

Sullaire Compressor and Two Utility Boxes
This rig will run 2 blasting pots at same time.

This is a turn key system with our ST1650 blasting package.

Our newest edition to the Blast Rig Systems. This 16′ Blast Rig has 2 Utility Boxes, with Optional Box Slide and fabricated mounting system for quick disconnect of blasting equipment. Our Box Slide makes transporting more secure and allows quicker set up time.

The tires are in for the B-Bomb trailer. Although, a little smaller than stock they should look great! Now the guys can get to lowering the trailer and getting the custom axle ordered.