Graffiti Removal

Our Graffiti removal products are custom formulated; each one for specific graffiti removal needs. When it comes to graffiti removal one size does not fit all. That is why we offer four products, custom formulated for the removal of graffiti from “delicate” surfaces to the most stubborn and most difficult removals on “porous” surfaces and everything in between.

Graffiti Buster is the product of choice for removing graffiti from “porous” surfaces. Graffiti Buster will penetrate deeply into “porous” surfaces, safely and effectively removing the toughest graffiti. Graffiti Buster works well with many surfaces, including: brick, cement, ceramic, concrete, glass, glass glazed tiles, granite, grout, marble, masonry, mortar, natural rocks, paves, porcelain, sandstone, stucco and terrazzo.

On occasion all graffiti removers may leave shadows or outlines of the graffiti. Despite repeated attempts to remove with conventional removers, the shadow remains. MAX is specifically formulated to effectively remove even the most difficult of shadows and ghosts from all types of porous surfaces. Use MAX when nothing else works.

SMOOTH is the product of choice for those “smooth and durable” surfaces where you can remove spray painted graffiti, markers, pens, inks,crayons and shoe polish. SMOOTH can be used on your unfinished wood surfaces such as fences, park benches, plywood, trees, telephone poles, and any other un-coated wood projects. SMOOTH is also the product of choice to use on steel, stainless, aluminum, galvanized, brass, copper, anodized aluminum, glass, glazed tile, ceramic, porcelain, polished stone. You can use smooth on durable painted surfaces such as factory applied baked on paint. SMOOTH may also be used to remove coatings on your durable plastics, such as fiberglass, polyethylene or polypropylene portable toilets or bathroom partitions, and laminated wood. SMOOTH is an all temperature removal system. Smooth has low odor, and is in a gel form for easy application and fast removal.