Mobile After-cooler System

Why do I need a Mobile After-cooler System?
That’s a great question! If you have noticed too much water coming from your compressor, you need a system! Whether they are running, air hammers, jack hammers,or blasting equipment, everything runs better with cool dry air. Have you noticed that air compressors that are 375, 750 or 900 CFM have them built right in? We noticed, and built a system for compressors 250 CFM and less.

How do we know our systems work?
Every blasting system we sell has one of our mobile after-cooler systems included.. We run baking soda through our blasters, the most water sensitive media for blasting. Our equipment always runs dry, whether in Canada in the winter, or Florida in the summer. Blast Boss’ customers have been counting on our mobile after-cooler systems for years, and now your can too. We understand there are many applications in the field, and we offer solutions for many of them.

This system is designed for the job site where up to two outlets are required. Can be used on the ground, or attached to the compressor for movement around the job site. The integral safety cage, is designed to protect the cooler in case of abuse. Includes our 250 CFM 12 volt after-cooler, and is custom powder coated for a long service life.universal after-cooler caddy.

With Optional Water Seperator

This system is designed for use when multiple tools are being used. We designed this system with (3) 1″ ball valves and (2) standard air fittings. The surge tank also allows multiple tools to be cycled on and off, without leaving any tools starving for air. This is the same system we use on our blast rigs, when multiple blast pots are in use. This system can be custom configured for different applications.