Architectural renovations projects present many unique challenges. Some of the problem areas are:

  • Substrate surfaces like brick and wood are easily damaged by abrasive blasting.
  • The paint is often very thick in multiple layers, which is difficult to remove.
  • Projects are often located in high traffic areas making it necessary to build elaborate containment structures for dust, odor and airborne particles.
  • Interior projects pose problems for chemicals and are noxious, toxic and strong smelling.
  • Floor coatings are difficult to remove and result in prolonged down times for the facility.
  • Scuff marks and crayon or pen marks and graffiti are difficult to remove without damaging the underlying paint.

These products offer the following major benefits to the user:

  • Multiple coats of paint removed with only one application.
  • Safer work site while paint removal is being carried out.
  • No damage to the substrate, surrounding vegetation or water systems near the site.
  • No need for extensive and elaborate containment systems.
  • Product works without supervision and workers can do other revenue producing work while the stripper completes the job.
  • Significant reduction in costs, reduced downtime, lower volume of chemical consumed and ease of clean-up.
Our products provide safe and cost effective solutions to multiple coatings removal problems. These products are waterborne, worker friendly, non-toxic and biodegradable, yet they are capable of removing the toughest coating systems easily, effectively and without damage to the substrate or the environment.