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When it comes to a restoration project in wood trust Blast Boss.

Wood Siding, Log, Timber Frame, Board
Decks, Docks, and more…
Environmentally friendly! Non-destructive! Safe on windows!

Blast Boss guarantees the results and guarantees our service.

  • Failure of a stain or coating can be caused by several reasons which almost always are a result of poor surface adhesion.
  • Surface adhesion can be improved by proper surface preparation.
  • Wood is porous.- This means that stain must penetrate and not lay on the surface. Mill scale or planer compression on new wood will cause the stain to float or run off without absorption.
  • Wood is an organic cell structure.- Therefore it must breath and be protected. Moisture from within must be allowed to escape
  • Wood expands and contracts.- Wood will expand and contract with heating cooling cycle of the seasons. From direct freezing to very hot, the coating must be flexible!
  • Wood will deteriorate or decompose if left unattended. Ultraviolet and water born organics will expedite the decomposition process. Protection from the elements is essential to ensure the maximum return on stain investment.
  • Abrasive Blast – opens grain, removes mill scale and planer compression exposing the true grain of the wood.
  • Water Blast – Directly following the cob blast Blast Boss will wash all residue and decayed materials away.
  • Restore or Brighten – In very rare cases it may be necessary to apply a wood restorer to the project to whiten and brighten the fibers.
  • Grind or Orbit Sand Knots – Knots can be a problem in certain case Blast Boss will grind and open up those tough knots.
  • If you are planning on doing the project yourself, you can. However, do not skip any of these stages. Failure to complete any of these stages may result in redoing the project ahead of schedule or voiding of the warranty. Quotes are free….